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When Kay Ramsey catches her fiancé cheating on her, she takes revenge on him in a most creative way. She's shocked when he sues her, and even more shocked when he actually wins. Then he tells her he’ll forget the money she owes him—if she’ll perform a hundred hours of community service at a local animal shelter. Battling an empty bank account and a childhood fear of animals, she can't imagine a worse sentence—until she meets the sexy veterinarian in charge, Dr. Matt Forester.

Matt’s animal shelter is operating in the red and in danger of shutting down, and only with a grant arranged by Kay’s ex-fiancé will he be able to keep the doors open. His marching orders? Make Kay suffer. Soon, though, Matt realizes Kay isn’t the terrible person she’s supposed to be, and he finds himself attracted to her more every day. But with the fate of his shelter hanging in the balance, how can he even think of falling in love?
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"What a great discovery! Jane Graves has what it takes to win over just about any romantic comedy reader. Fast paced with plenty of laughs, STRAY HEARTS is a must-read."

-- Kris Alice, A Romance Review