S  uddenly all the consequences he'd warned

himself about seemed insignificant.

Forget the future. To hell
         with  the past. He wanted
                  Haley, and he wanted
                         her now.

Moon Over Montana

A funny, emotional romance about a cynical war correspondent who can't wait to get rid of the annoyingly cheerful ghost hunter who has invaded his house, only to realize she may be the one woman who can unlock his wounded heart…

All globe-hopping, world-weary war correspondent Jordan Scott wants is a year of peace and quiet to write his memoirs. So he buys Lancaster Hill, a Victorian house in a tiny Montana town that's big, secluded—and supposedly haunted. Jordan scoffs at the house's reputation and sets out to finish his book with no interruptions. So when amateur ghost hunter Haley Anderson asks for access to his house, he can't say no fast enough, only to find out she's a woman who never takes no for an answer.
Haley negotiates seven days at Jordan's house to find evidence of spirits, but soon the ghostly mystery she's trying to solve takes a backseat to the mystery of Jordan himself. Why is a man like him, with a risk-taking personality and a playboy reputation, hiding himself away in a secluded place like Lancaster Hill?
As time passes, the woman Jordan swore would drive him crazy has become the woman he's falling in love with. But when she finds out his secret, will she walk away from him forever?       
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MOON SERIES on Sale February 2017


MOON SERIES on Sale February 2017