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MOON OVER MANHATTAN is a delightfully witty, feel good romantic comedy about a sexy, charismatic man who makes a jaded, plain-Jane New York cop believe in true love for the first time in her life.​​​​

For New York cop Kelsey Morrison, life is serious business, so she's had just about enough of her neighbor across the hall, Brett Hollister. He's too cheerful, too optimistic, too impulsive--and too sexy for his own good. She's watched him tending bar and flirting with every woman in sight, picking them up like most men pick up six-packs. No way is she going to become just one more notch on his already overcrowded bedpost!

Brett Hollister is looking for love, and he thinks Kelsey might be the woman for him in spite of her cop-like skepticism and her insistence that the glass is always half empty. But when his usual charming banter fails to convince her that he's the man of her dreams, he gets a little help from his crazy family, his Godzilla-sized dog, a wicked pair of water guns, a Thermos full of wine, and enough hot sex to set the sheets on fire. If Brett has his way, he'll convince Kelsey that love is forever, and she's the one he wants to spend forever with.